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Udang Galah Tour – Teluk Intan to Petaling Jaya


Photograph courtesy of

Teluk Intan extends into an oxbow meander of the Perak River.  The Yew Boutique Hotel is the blue and white building to the left, about halfway up the spit of land.

This is the view from the hotel rooftop.


Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

The hotel is bicycle friendly, with a Cyclist Corner in the lobby.  Bicycles in rooms?  No problem.


Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

After breakfast in the hotel, we were on the road at just after 8.00am.  It looked and felt like it would be another roaster of a day as we made our way out of Teluk Intan.  But after 25 km / 15.5 mi it became overcast, and consequently a little cooler.


Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

The cloud cover was not total, so weather vacillated between being overcast and being sunny.  Which kept the temperature relatively high, but thankfully it never got to the boiling hot levels of the previous day.

Despite feeling warm, we were comfortable enough to make good time to Sabak Bernam, where we made our first stop.

The fried egg, sausage, baked beans and toast breakfast at the hotel had been burned through, so we had brunch at Restoran Ammin Maju.  Roti telur, thosai, and lots of teh tarik and iced Milo.

The sun continued to play with us, alternately toasting us and retreating behind the clouds, as we made our way through Sungai Besar.  Sticking to our schedule of a stop every 30 km / 19 mi, we pulled into the PETRONAS station at Sungai Haji Dorani.  We already had 57 km / 35 mi in the bank.

I wasn’t the only one who had started out in the morning feeling dehydrated.  Despite drinking lots and lots during and after the previous day’s ride, I hadn’t replaced all the fluid that I had lost to perspiration.  All of us commented on how little we had in our bladders through the night and into the morning.

No surprise then that dry mouths and empty bottles signalled the need to stop after 90 km / 57 mi.  We had been looking for a cendol stall.  We came upon a few.  All were closed.

Then we arrived at the Gudang Food Court, with its large sign advertising coconut shakes.  The coconut shakes were good.  The cendol shakes – not so much.  I think it was because they used the same coconut water mix in the cendol as was in the coconut shakes.  Cendol needs coconut milk to taste right.

The cendol shake was however cold and wet, and everything is improved by a dollop of ice cream.  So down it went.


Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

We had been watching the sky since leaving Sabak Bernam.  There were rain clouds to the east, and at one point we thought the precipitation would come our way.  It never did.  The skies continued to alternate between overcast and sunny.  It never got as hot as it did the day before, but we were riding faster, averaging about 27 kph / 17 mph.  Thus we were sweating a lot.

We decided against stopping for lunch, or for another visit to the coconut water stand, in Kuala Selangor, but we did need to rest and refill water bottles at the PETRONAS station there.

We were more than halfway home, and we were moving onto roads which we had ridden many times.  Interestingly, the state of the roads was better coming south.  Even the stretch near Sabak Bernam was less rough on the southbound side.

Perhaps spoken a bit too soon.  Mark had a pinch flat as we made the left turn onto Jalan Kuala Selangor.  The Caltex Assam Jawa station was a convenient place for Mark to sit down while changing his inner tube.  And for me to have an iced lolly!


Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

Once we got going again we were heading toward the rain clouds.  By the time we got to the entrance to the LATAR Expressway, the sun was well-hidden by the clouds.  Which was a very good thing.  Up to that point the route had been pan flat.  Now there were some hills to ride over along the LATAR Expressway and the rest of the way back to Petaling Jaya.

It was about 2.45pm.  Often the hottest time of the day in these tropical parts.  On this day it was just over 30° C / 86° F.  Very nice.  We were able to stay cool as we cruised over the hills.  So cool that we didn’t need to stop as planned at the Kundang Timur R&R.  Instead we carried on into Kampung Melayu Sri Kundang, looking for a stall selling banana fritters, cendol and the like.

We found Cendol ABC Setia across the road from Tasik Biru Kundang.  Exactly what we were looking for.  Cendol, banana and cassava fritters, and prawn fritters.

The last 30 km / 19 mi of this ride were much more comfortable than the equivalent kilometers the day before.  We weren’t feeling beaten up by the roads and the heat.  We made a final stop at the PETRONAS station in Kuang to fill our bottles.  Then enjoyed a relaxed ride back to Petaling Jaya.

Once again I had a lot of fun, laughs, and good eats, with great friends for company.  Thank you Lay, Marco and Mark for a wonderful bike tour.  Let’s do another one soon.


Quote courtesy of Alistair Humphreys

Longer Than Planned

I have a full-time job now.  It is lots of fun, but it does cut into my cycling time.  I can’t get to all the weekday evening rides.

My job also cuts into my bike-fitting time.  Sometimes I have to forgo a Saturday morning ride to do a bike fit.

So it was very nice to meet up with the Flipsiders yesterday morning at Bukit Jelutong.  Mark had planned an extension to our usual Kundang route.  Perhaps an additional 20 or 30 kilometers on top of the usual 60 km.

The first stop, as usual, was for food and drink.


Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

After teh tarik and roti canai or nasi lemak, we continued along Jalan Kuala Selangor past the Sungai Buloh Prison and onward to Ijok.

Kampung Kuantan Route


On the other side of Ijok we turned right onto one of the longest arrow-straight roads I have ever been on.  8 kilometers in all.


Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

This is a rarely-used road, so we took the chance to lark around.


Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

Our next stop was for photographs at a popular tourist spot.  The location of what is reputed to be one of the biggest firefly colonies on the world.

Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

We didn’t ride quite as far as Kuantan.  It was fun pretending minus Danny who was behind the camera.



The anti-clockwise loop from Ijok brought us back to the LATAR Expressway.  From there we were on familiar roads.  That is until we got to the interchange with the Guthrie Corridor Expressway.

The LATAR Expressway is 32 km long, and it runs between Ijok and Templer’s Park.  We have ridden the 21 km from the Guthrie Corridor Expressway interchange to Ijok and back many times.  We had never done the 11 km from that interchange to the other end of the LATAR at Templer’s Park.

By that point in the ride we were on track to cover about 110 km.  Marco and I couldn’t convince Cedric, Chris, Danny and Mark to ride an extra 22 km.  They headed back to Bukit Jelutong, and Marco and I rode toward Templer’s Park.

There wasn’t a u-turn at the Templer’s Park end of the Expressway like there is at the Ijok end.  So we had to get across four lanes of traffic to head back to the Guthrie interchange.  Fortunately there were roadworks in progress, so traffic was forced to slow down enough for us to turn around without getting run over.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, except for the puncture I had about 10 km from Bukit Jelutong.  A piece of wire was the culprit.  The edge of a drain at the El Mina R&R stop was a convenient place to perch as I replaced the inner tube.

Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

Marco and I rode about 130 km.  Certainly more than planned.  It is a route worth doing again though.