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Putrajaya to KLIA

V suggested a Sunday ride to KLIA. In the hope of getting a photograph like this one:

Photograph courtesy of ML

The next day weather forecast on Saturday was not promising.

Graphic courtesy of

By Sunday morning the outlook had improved.

Graphic courtesy of

Six of us met at a carpark in Putrajaya for a 7:00am start. Which was delayed a bit.

Photograph courtesy of ML

The sun was already present as we rolled across the Sri Gemilang Bridge toward the Putrajaya International Convention Centre. A sign of what was to come.

Photograph courtesy of ML

Our route took us from Putrajaya to Dengkil and onward to a loop past the Sepang International Circuit and around KLIA 1 and KLIA 2.

Map courtesy of

The “Mostly Cloudy” forecast was in reality “Partly Cloudy” at best.

Photograph courtesy of ML

It wasn’t long before that changed to “Sunny.”

Photograph courtesy of ML

I was hot by the time we got to what was the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in the days before KLIA 2 opened.

The last time I rode to the airport area was in December 2019. Since then, the LCCT has been replaced by the Cainiao Aeropolis Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) Hub.

Photograph courtesy of

The eWTP Hub is huge. It occupies 60 acres (2.6 million square feet) with 1.1 million square feet of warehouse space. The eWTP Hub is a 70:30 joint venture between Malaysia Airports & Cainiao HK (the logistics arm of the Alibaba Group). It is Alibaba Group’s 1st eWTP outside of China. 

The eWTP was the only thing to see. We spent about forty minutes within sight of KLIA 1 and KLIA 2. In that time we saw just two aircraft taking off: an AirAsia flight and a cargo aircraft. We didn’t get that shot of us standing underneath a departing aircraft.

Our route ran around the south end of Runway 2 and then parallel to Runway 3. The 5km ride alongside Runway 3 is invariably into the wind.

Map courtesy of

It was a strong headwind too. We were all hot and in need of some shade by the time we pushed through the wind to the right turn at the north end of Runway 3.

We rode into the shuttle bus pickup area in KLIA 2 for some respite from the sun.

Photograph courtesy of VV

The space behind us used to be a staff canteen for the air crew and other airport employees. Yet another business that has shut down because of the COVID pandemic.

Fortunately for us, the McDonald’s at the PETRONAS station 3km away was open.

Photograph courtesy of ML

Time for some air-conditioning, food, and social media checking.

Contrary to the weather forecast, there were no clouds in the sky. The temperature continued to rise all the way back to Putrajaya. It got up to 36ºC / 97ºF.

I was so fried by the time we got back to the carpark that I forgot all about the egg tarts that Marco had offered us at the start.

Photograph courtesy of ML

That was a rookie mistake. Those tarts look yummy.

It was a fun ride. Apart from the sun. I was radiating heat well into the evening.

My next few rides are likely to be at night. That will make a welcome change, temperature wise.

Jogging did me no good

I wrote about my knee pain in More Ouch on 11th June. My self-diagnosis was Plica Syndrome. The prescribed treatment for Plica Syndrome is rest. After a few days of rest, the pain knee ceased. I started walking and cycling again.

The pain in my left knee came back and did not cease after a few days of rest. It was time to see a professional.

Dr Chan Kin Yuen is the surgeon who did the ACL replacement in my right knee fourteen years ago. He still practices at Gleneagles Hospital. He bent, straightened, rotated, and pressed on the knee. His initial diagnosis was a medial (inside of the knee) meniscus tear. He sent me off for MRIs and X-rays to confirm.

Three days later, I was in Dr Chan’s office again to review the results of the imaging. I did have a medial meniscus tear. The initial injury was an old one. I aggravated it by jogging.

Image courtesy of

My options were to rest the knee for six weeks and see if the pain subsided or do an arthroscopic meniscectomy right away. Given the multi-planar nature of the tear, it was unlikely that rest was the answer.

Three days later, I was in an operating theatre under a general anaesthetic. As Dr Chan had seen from the imaging, the tear was too complex to repair. So the torn portion was removed.

A further three days later, I was at home with instructions to regularly ice the knee, take the anti-inflammatory drugs Celebrex and Myonal, and report for physiotherapy three times a week.

It has been four weeks since the surgery. I have the full range of motion in the knee. I have to say that it was a painful journey to get there, not least because of the swelling in the knee.

The swelling is in the bursae, fluid-filled sacs and synovial pockets surrounding the knee joint cavity. The irritation to the soft tissues of the knee during the arthroscopic procedure caused the swelling.

Image courtesy of

Dr Chan gave me the go-ahead to start cycling a couple of weeks ago. I rode almost every day, culminating in a climb up to the Lookout Point in Ampang and a 55km ride a few days later.

On my most recent visit to Dr Chan’s clinic, he told me to skip the climbing and limit my rides to 50km a day. While the movement is good for the knee, overdoing it will irritate the bursae and prolong the swelling. My knee does ache a bit after physiotherapy and biker rides.

Today’s ride was just over 50km.

Followed by icing after I got home.

Dr Chan is pleased with my recovery so far. I don’t need physiotherapy anymore. I do need to ice my knee regularly. I am off to do that now.

More Walking Sights

It is three weeks since my last post with photographs of some of the things I see while walking. The lockdown continues. My evening walks continue.

Map courtesy of Google Maps


Kampung Bharu was founded in 1899 and is the oldest residential area in Kuala Lumpur. This arch stands at the entrance to Jalan Raja Muda Musa, aka Malay Food Street. Both sides of the road are lined with shops and stalls selling nasi lemak, nasi ayam, satay and a host of other delicacies.


The pavement along one side of Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz is lined with these posts and balls. I assume to limit access to pedestrians only.


Saloma Link is a 69 metres (226 ft)[1] combined pedestrian and bicyclist bridge across the Klang River. It links Kampong Bharu and the KLCC. LEDs light up the bridge in an endless variety of colours and patterns.


This bear guards the front of Star Residences Two on Jalan Mayang. Like the two smaller bears in front of Star Residences One, this bear references Sleepy Bear Homes & Suites, the company managing the apartment rentals in this property.


A gallery of Malaysian wildlife surrounds eight giant light boxes in front of the Petronas Twin Towers. Starting from the upper left, this composite image shows the Malayan Tiger, the Rhinoceros Hornbill, the Pygmy Elephant, the Tapir, the Peacock Pheasant, the Lesser Mouse Deer, the Pangolin and the Gaur.


While we are at it, here are the Twin Towers and the double-decker skybridge connecting the two at the 41st and 42nd floors.


KL City Walk is a covered 500 metre street arcade running between the skyscrapers which line Jalan Perak one one side and Jalan Pinang on the other. Usually bustling with F&B shops and service outlets, the arcade is temporarily deserted during the lockdown.


There are two sets of sculptures by Malaysian artist En. Nizam Abdullah in the porte-cochère of the Equatorial Plaza.

Miza, Kika & Iwa is a modern interpretation of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

Sorok Sorok depicts children playing hide and seek.

The bronze for these sculptures was smelted using metal salvaged from the original Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur building.


St. John’s Institution is where I attended secondary school. The status is of St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, a French priest, educational reformer, and founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.


To finish, another of the birds that populate the murals along the retaining wall at Taman Eco Rimba.

My R@SKLs History Part 8

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BRM200 Pink Ride 3.0

We opened out 2020 account with the 200km Pink Ride from Nilai to Port Dickson and back. As with the 2019 Pink Ride, a number of R@SKLs had never ridden that far before.

IIUM Endu-ride 2020

For reasons that I don’t recall, a small group of us rode 280km over two days from Kuantan to Gombak. We pedaled just over 230km on the first day.

We Are Coming, Paul

COVID-19 restrictions meant that our next long ride was not until June. As soon as the interstate travel ban was lifted, we cycled to Port Dickson. PL and his brother SL hosted us in their beachfront apartments.

The next day we rode to Seremban and took the KTM Commuter the rest of the way.

Murals in KL

ZT led us on a city ride to see the murals in downtown Kuala Lumpur. With a nice coffee break, of course.

This Could Become a Habit

There was a long weekend at the end of July. Port Dickson was again the destination. This time the Sungai Pelek ferry was running.

We again took the train from Seremban to Kuala Lumpur the next day. We got there in time for brunch.

Addio Kieren

The world was opening up in August. KO had been summoned back to work in Italy. His last ride with us was a wet one to Jugra.

Audax BRM300

HCP and I were the only two R@SKLs crazy enough to do this 300km within twenty hours ride. Walking included 😅.

Penang with the R@SKLs in 2020 – Day 1

Travel restrictions came and went. We grabbed the chance to ride and eat our way to Penang in September. Day One was from Tanjung Malim to Kampar.

Penang with the R@SKLs in 2020 – Day 2

On Day Two we rode to Taiping. SSH took us to a very nice seafood restaurant for dinner.

Penang with the R@SKLs in 2020 – Day 3

Rain on the way to Penang did not dampen our spirits. It was time to party once we got to Tien Hotel Residence and Tien Terrace.

Penang with the R@SKLs in 2020 – Day 4

This was the first year after many where there was no organised round-island ride. The R@SKLs did one anyway. And partied some more that evening.

Penang with the R@SKLs in 2020 – Day 5

Sunday was a hiking day for those who woke up early enough. As well as the day for many to head home.

Penang with the R@SKLs in 2020 – Days 6 to 8

HCP and I – the crazy ones – rode back to Kuala Lumpur from Monday to Wednesday. We both needed big meals after the ride to Kampar on Tuesday. We visited P’s friends at Taiwan Fructose (M) Sd. Bhd. on Wednesday.

That was the last ride I wrote about in 2020.


2021 started badly. There were restrictions on how far one could cycle. Inter-state travel has been off the cards for a long time. Inter-district travel has been curtailed too. This ride happened in one of those brief windows when inter-district travel was allowed.

We are all desperate to add to the R@SKLs riding history. It could be a long wait yet.

My R@SKL History Part 7

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Kuala Lumpur to Penang: Day 1

Seven of us did a train plus bike trip to Penang in October.

Kuala Lumpur to Penang: Day 2

This trip included drawing lots to see who would drive the support vehicle. You can guess who lost on this day.

Kuala Lumpur to Penang: Day 3

We had a bit of an adventure on our ride from Taiping to Penang.

Pantai Merdeka with the R@SKLs

Twenty other R@SKLs drove or flew to the island. Our Penangite friends led a morning ride up the Kedah coast.

TCCP 2019

The annual CFAL ride was renamed Toward Cycling City Penang for 2019. It was the same round-island route with two new extensions.

The Germans visit Malaysia Part 1

The big event of 2019 was our German friends visiting Malaysia. They had been excellent hosts when some R@SKLs rode with them in 2018. It was time to reciprocate.

Food on Friday after they had checked in to the hotel. A ride to Jugra on Saturday.

A city ride and more food on Sunday.

The Germans visit Malaysia Part 2

Monday was sightseeing in Melaka and a party hosted by LY.

The main event started on Tuesday. The first leg was a ride from Tanjung Malim to Simpang Pulai. TH organised a very nice dinner in Ipoh.

The real ride was the next day. Simpang Pulai to Brinchang. With a barbecue dinner and lots of wine, again thanks to TH.

The Germans visit Malaysia Part 3

We visited the Boh tea plantation in the morning of Day Seven. The Germans and some R@SKLs then drove to Penang. The other R@SKLs headed back to KL.

The evening ended with more local delights for the Germans.

The sights, sounds and tastes of Penang on Day Eight.

The Germans’ last ride in Penang was around the island. The ride included an extended stop at The Hard Rock Cafe and a dip in the sea.

The final day was all about getting our guests safely onto their flights home.

Through the Paddy Fields

The Germans were all safely back home. We rode through the paddy fields of Sekinchan to close out November.

Bentong – Raub Golden Ride V2

This was our last organised ride. I.e. a ride with an entry fee, closed roads etc.

Where has this guy gone?

A Half Dozen to Port Dickson and Back

The last ride for 2019 was an overnight jaunt to Port Dickson and back.

That is a wrap for 2019.

My R@SKL History Part 6

Movember Charity Fun Ride

It was a wet Saturday morning, but seventy or so people turned up in support of this charity ride.

To Melaka for the night

Six of us rode from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka. Those coconut shakes at Klebang were good!

The short way home

We did a short tour of the usual tourist sites before riding to Tampin to catch the KTM Commuter train.

The R@SKLs Ride to Cameron Highlands Anew

We closed out 2018 with a night in Simpang Pulai and the King of Mountain ride to Cameron Highlands the next day.

BRM200 Pink Ride 2.0

We started 2019 with the Audax 200 ride from Kota Kemuning to Port Dickson and back. It was the first 200km ride for a number of the R@SKLs.

The R@SKLs at the CIMB Cycle 2019

The third CIMB ride was in April. I remember heat. I remember headwinds.

Teluk Intan with the R@SKLs

Another of our annual “must do” rides. Overnight to Teluk Intan. This time combined with train rides.

Merdeka 2019

A city ride to commemorate Independence Day.

A Scenic Ride to Morib

This was one of our first Morib rides which started from Restoran Al-Arefin Bistro in Rimbayu.

Repsol Fellowship Ride 2019

September was a bad month for haze in peninsular Malaysia. Outdoor events had been cancelled in the weeks leading up to this ride. The haze lifted enough for the ride to proceed, albeit over a shortened distance.

In the next instalment – the seven rides we squeezed into the fourth quarter of 2019.

My R@SKL History Part 5

CFAL 2018: Food Hunt

One of the highlights of the year is the long weekend in Penang. We liked the PKKT escort. Jalan Tun Sardon? Not so much.

CFAL 2018: Beach Party


CFAL 2018: Round Island Ride

More than twenty of us lined up for the 10th CFAL.

Tanjung Sepat for Congee

The last time we rode to Tanjung Sepat we were given samples of the congee served at the Hai Yew Hin coffeeshop. We rode back for more.

Double Birthday Ride

August closed with a combination Merdeka Day and DL’s birthday ride.

The R@SKLs got soaked on the way back from Morib

I took an enforced break from cycling while some R@SKls cavorted around Germany. This was our first ride back together again.

Movember Recce Ride

Confirming the route for the Pegasus Cycles charity ride in aid of the Movember Foundation.

Taiwan Ti Bike Pickup Trip: Prologue

We had so much fun in Taiwan in April that we had to do it again.

Taiwan Ti Bike Pickup Trip: Day 1

The early arrivals had a ride on the excellent Taipei bike paths.

Taiwan Ti Bike Pickup Trip: Day 2

With the group all present and accounted for, we rode to Jiaoxi.

Taiwan Ti Bike Pickup Trip: Day 3

Beautiful coast line, the Caoling Tunnel and the climbs to the Buyanting and Wufenshan.

Taiwan Ti Bike Pickup Trip: Day 4

I’m not sure which was better. The visit to the Taipei International Bicycle Show or our lunch at Addiction Aquatic Development

The remainder of 2018 and into 2019 next.

My R@SKL History Part 4

The R@SKLs get fried

This is April 2018. We are home from our Taiwan adventure. Back into the heat and humidity of Malaysia.

Chamang Waterfall with the R@SKLs

We rode toward water again. With rain in the air. On wet roads.

The R@SKLs Birthday Ride for TH

A special day for one of the stalwarts of the R@SKLs.

CIMB Challenge Ride 2018

We didn’t have to drive as far to the start of this CIMB Challenge as we did last year.

Teluk Intan with the R@SKLs – Day 1

The udang galah drew us back to Teluk Intan in July.

Teluk Intan with the R@SKLs – Day 2

There were a few interesting experiences during this weekend.

Actual Route May Vary

Lots of climbing on this day. It was a shame about that patch of sand.

Tanjung Sepat x 2

Mark and I checked out the route on Saturday. The rest came with us on Sunday.

Road and Rail to Tanjung Malim

KO’s introduction to the R@SKLs. We eased him in to a small group first.

CFAL 2018: Prelude

You know what rolls around in August.

TH set things up for our visit to Penang by providing accommodation, previewing the food, and a creating a commemorative cap.

Look for the next instalment and read about the rest of this R@SKL visit to Penang.

My R@SKL History Part 3

We are in December 2017. Many bikes had bearings serviced after the wet wet wet wet days in Southern Thailand. In time for the following weekend’s trip to Simpang Pulai.

The R@SKLs Ride to Cameron Highlands

This was an organised event that most of us “ghost” rode because we missed the registration cutoff date.

Geometric Progression Weekend

2017 ended with a small group riding on Friday from Tampin to Melaka for a guided food tour courtesy of AA. Saturday took us to Port Dickson. Then back to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, together with four other R@SKLs whom we met at Morib.

Seven R@SKLs Ride to Teluk Intan

2018 opened with a weekend ride to Teluk Intan and back. These are the only photographs needed.

トモエスガのお別れライド *

* The Farewell Ride for Tomoe Suga

47 cyclists rode to the lighthouse at Bukit Jugra.

Not Your Usual Sunday Ride

Swarms of bees caused a lot of worry.

The R@SKLs in Taiwan: Day 1

What a trip! Click the links for all the details.

The R@SKLs in Taiwan: Day 2

The R@SKLs in Taiwan: Day 3

The R@SKLs in Taiwan: Day 4

The R@SKLs in Taiwan: Day 5

The R@SKLs in Taiwan: Day 6

We are only in April 2018. There is plenty more to come.

My R@SKL History Part 2

A bit like trying to herd cats

Another ride from Kota Kemuning to Morib to start this set of rides. The R@SKLs joined the Bangsar Cycling Group for this ride. More than forty of us in all.

The R@SKLs Like Penang – Day 1

August. Time for a long weekend in Penang around the Campaign for a Lane ride. No van breakdown this time. Visitors from Hong Kong. The outrider boys.

The R@SKLs Like Penang – Day Two

The R@SKLs Like Penang – Day Three

While We Can

It is hard to believe that it is four years since we rode on the Rawang Bypass. I wonder if we will ever do it again.

INFINITI Drive & Ride 2017

Fraser’s Hill in style. A ride in a brand new INFINITI car to Kuala Kubu Bharu and back. Support vehicles and an ambulance accompanying us on the climb to the Fraser’s Hill clock tower. Brunch in the Shahzan Inn. Very nice.

Avillion Coastal Ride 2017

September is Port Dickson time. Specifically for the Avillion event. A small group of us this time.

R@SKLs in the Rain

November is monsoon time in Malaysia. We had a weekend of wet rides. We didn’t know it at the time, but this was just a prelude for what was to come.

R@SKLs in Southern Thailand: Day 1

Southern Thailand gets the monsoon as well! Who knew? Four very wet but fun days on our bikes. And a birthday to celebrate too.

R@SKLs in Southern Thailand: Day 2

R@SKLs in Southern Thailand: Day 3

R@SKLs in Southern Thailand: Day 4

2017 is not quite done. Watch out for Part 3.