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Thank You

This is what my Flipside friends and I do.

We inflict pain on ourselves, and each other.  We cover triple digit distances.  We push ourselves faster and for longer than is comfortable.  We climb for fun.  We bake under a blazing sun.

After we get our breath back and cool down a little, we say “Thank you for the great ride,” and make plans to do it all again together at the earliest possible convenience.

None of us has said it, but we surely subscribe to the following.

Cycling Suffering

Yesterday’s 140km / 87mi jaunt from Taman Megah to Ijok and the “Big Box” around Bestari Jaya was the latest in the long chain of rides that, I guess we believe, contributes to better living.

Big Box Route

We started at dawn.  The brightening sky foretold the hot, cloudless conditions to come.

Big Box Looking like a hot day Alvin

Photograph courtesy of Alvin

But not before an unusual treat.  It got very misty as we approached the Paya Jaras interchange on the Guthrie Corridor Highway.  Riders literally emerged out of the fog, feeling cool and sporting frosted eyewear.

Big Box out of the mist Mark

Photograph courtesy of Mark

I’ve never seen it so misty on the GCE.

Big Box in the mist Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

We exited at the Paya Jaras interchange and headed toward Kuala Selangor.  Our breakfast  stop was in Ijok.  Nasi lemak, noodles, chicken rice, toast with kaya, half-boiled eggs.  Restoran Ijok served it all.  Along with lots of coffee.

I only noticed the graphic on Leslie’s bandana when looking at the photographs of this ride.  It wa an appropriate image.  I was feeling one-eyed by the time we got back to Taman Megah, about 100km / 62mi after we ate in Ijok.

Big Box one eye Mark

Photograph courtesy of Mark

After breakfast the pace, unsurprisingly, picked up as we covered the right and top side of “the box.”  The roughly square outline around Bestari Jaya.

Kampung Kuantan sits at the top left corner of the box.  Home of the Fireflies Park.  Also home to this shaded bus stop, where we parked ourselves for a rest.

Big Box Shade Kampung Kuantan Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

We blasted along the third side of the box, thanks to a very fast pull from Liang.  The run along the bottom of the box wasn’t that much slower.

Big Box in the Box Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

After finishing the box we all needed the cold drinks and air conditioning at the PETRONAS station in Ijok.

Big Box Ijok Petronas Alvin

Photograph courtesy of Alvin

We still had 60km / 37mi to ride.  It was getting on to 11am by the time we left Ijok for the second time that morning.  The skies were clear, and the sun was hot and bright.

Big Box Sun

Photograph courtesy of Mark

The heat took its toll.  We made two more drink stops within 25km / 16mi of Ijok.  Once at the sugarcane juice stall in Batu Arang, and once at the PETRONAS station in Kuang.

After Kuang we began to split into smaller groups as some of us reduced the pace to cope with the noon time heat.

We made regular stops to allow the group to reform.  Everytime we stopped, it was in a patch of shade.  With 10km / 6mi to go my face matched the colour of the staircase behind me.

Big Box Shade Alvin

Photograph courtesy of Alvin

The perfect end to the ride was a few bowls of ice cold cendol.  And some rojak.

Big Box cendol Mark

Photograph courtesy of Mark

I had to be elsewhere, so I missed out.

There will be a next time very soon.

To my Flipside friends:

Thank you


We have a videographer now.  Thank you Alvin.

Big Box Ride


Longer Than Planned

I have a full-time job now.  It is lots of fun, but it does cut into my cycling time.  I can’t get to all the weekday evening rides.

My job also cuts into my bike-fitting time.  Sometimes I have to forgo a Saturday morning ride to do a bike fit.

So it was very nice to meet up with the Flipsiders yesterday morning at Bukit Jelutong.  Mark had planned an extension to our usual Kundang route.  Perhaps an additional 20 or 30 kilometers on top of the usual 60 km.

The first stop, as usual, was for food and drink.


Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

After teh tarik and roti canai or nasi lemak, we continued along Jalan Kuala Selangor past the Sungai Buloh Prison and onward to Ijok.

Kampung Kuantan Route


On the other side of Ijok we turned right onto one of the longest arrow-straight roads I have ever been on.  8 kilometers in all.


Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

This is a rarely-used road, so we took the chance to lark around.


Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

Our next stop was for photographs at a popular tourist spot.  The location of what is reputed to be one of the biggest firefly colonies on the world.

Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

We didn’t ride quite as far as Kuantan.  It was fun pretending minus Danny who was behind the camera.



The anti-clockwise loop from Ijok brought us back to the LATAR Expressway.  From there we were on familiar roads.  That is until we got to the interchange with the Guthrie Corridor Expressway.

The LATAR Expressway is 32 km long, and it runs between Ijok and Templer’s Park.  We have ridden the 21 km from the Guthrie Corridor Expressway interchange to Ijok and back many times.  We had never done the 11 km from that interchange to the other end of the LATAR at Templer’s Park.

By that point in the ride we were on track to cover about 110 km.  Marco and I couldn’t convince Cedric, Chris, Danny and Mark to ride an extra 22 km.  They headed back to Bukit Jelutong, and Marco and I rode toward Templer’s Park.

There wasn’t a u-turn at the Templer’s Park end of the Expressway like there is at the Ijok end.  So we had to get across four lanes of traffic to head back to the Guthrie interchange.  Fortunately there were roadworks in progress, so traffic was forced to slow down enough for us to turn around without getting run over.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, except for the puncture I had about 10 km from Bukit Jelutong.  A piece of wire was the culprit.  The edge of a drain at the El Mina R&R stop was a convenient place to perch as I replaced the inner tube.

Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

Marco and I rode about 130 km.  Certainly more than planned.  It is a route worth doing again though.