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An ACL replacement and meniscus repair in late 2007 put an end to my futsal and squash playing days.  In August 2008 work took me from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Houston, Texas.

The Texas-sized portions at every meal meant that I needed to exercise, but my knee was still too sore to run or even jog on.  I thought cycling would be a good low-impact alternative.  I bought a Trek 7.5 FX from Bike Barn in May 2009 and started riding.

From little things big things grow.

I moved to the Netherlands in April 2010 with my Trek hybrid and a road bike that was custom-built for me by James Flatman at Alchemy Bicycles in Austin, Texas.  I went back to Houston in April 2011 to ride in the MS150.  I returned to the Netherlands with a second custom-built bike.  This time with a titanium frame.

Both road bikes were put to regular use on the paths that make up the outstanding cycling infrastructure in Holland.  New friendships were forged over coffee and apple pie after hours in the saddle.  18,000 kilometres worth in the two years I lived in Den Haag.

Which brings me to the present and my move back home to Kuala Lumpur.  Where I had not ridden a road bike since a Raleigh took me to school and home again for a few months when I was sixteen.  That forms the basis for this blog.

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  1. I actually do remember your Raleigh bike in KL years ago in Freeman.

  2. I just want to let you know how much I like your blog. I’m new to bike riding, and I live in Houston. I stumbled onto your blog when researching road bikes. Keep up the good work.

  3. I like your blog name!

  4. Hi,

    We’re a group of university students with a dream of planning a ‘Cycle for a cause’ trip to somewhere in Malaysia.
    However, we have no prior experience hence do not know where to start. Can you please give us a few pointers?

    Do you have any cycling routes to suggest which would take about 3D2N to complete?
    Do we need police permit each district we go?

    We have yet to decide what the ’cause’ is, but it’ll be related to health awareness.

    Thank you and I humbly ask for your assistance or at least in pointing us to the right persons.

  5. Harvinder Singh

    Anyone here cyling at kesas highway ?? Please do contact me at 0126531884. Wanna join.

    • Hi Harvinder. I apologise for the late reply. There are quite a few groups that ride along KESAS. Some during weekday evenings. Others on weekends.

      Has anyone contacted you? My group rides at KESAS on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – weather permitting. We haven’t been able to for a month now because of the rain. Out start point is near the shops at Jalan PJS 9/1A. Near Sunway Medical Centre.

      If the roads are dry we start at 9pm. Normally one loop to Bukit Jalil Stadium and back. About 32km. Then minum and makan nearby.

  6. Hope you recovering well alchemyrider. Is there any way to contact you? Hope you don’t mind to drop me an email when you read this.
    Thank you!

  7. Hi hi alchemyrider,

    Hope you are getting well soon.

    I would like to contact you too!

    Kindly reply me when you see this message 🙂

    Sook Yen

  8. Great blog. I’m moving to KL from HK soon and am looking for some road cycling routes. Any suggestions of where to ride? A link to some Strava routes or MapMyRide would be awesome! Thanks!

  9. Happy Wednesday,

    I’m moving to KL soon to work in the towers…I was looking at living in Bukit Ceylon area which is a bit far to walk. Does anyone ride bikes to work in KLCC area? Is it too dangerous, etc? Is it doable?

    Thanks and great blog!


    • Hi Ryan,

      I apologise for the late reply.

      Bukit Ceylon is just a bit to far from the Towers to walk.

      I have seen people cycling to work in the area. I work about 400 metres from the Towers.

      The roads in the area are busy, as you would expect. Lots of 100cc to 250cc motorcycles, which is a good thing, because drivers are used to looking out for motorcycles all around them. So they are alert to cyclists as well.

      If I lived when you plan to I would be tempted to cycle to work as well.

      Let me know when you get to KL. It would be great to meet up. Email me at


  10. Where do you ride these days?

    • Hi Sri. Thank you for reading my posts.

      My friends and I have a set of rides to choose from:
      1. Up to Genting Sempah, and sometimes beyond to Janda Baik
      2. Along KESAS from Bukit Jalil to Bandar Botanic, and sometimes on to Morib
      3. The climbs around Hulu Langat
      4. Along the Guthrie Corridor to Kundang, and sometimes beyond to Batu Arang, Ijok, Kuala Selangor etc.

      Where to ride on a given day depends on the weather, and what we want to eat.

      Best wishes,

    • abdul aziz othman

      hi johan ,
      very interesting ,reading your blog,
      more so for me as a rookie in road biking.
      keep up the great work.

  11. Kamarul R Muhamed

    Nice blog. Something rare with IG and FB are in dominance. Keep on writing


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