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Rapha Festive 500

Festive 500

I have not covered many kilometers in 2014.  Thanks in no small part to my extended time off the bicycle.  Both self-inflicted and health-inflicted.

My total mileage on 12th October 2014 was the lowest it has ever been on that date in the five years I have been cycling.  That was the day of my first ride in almost four months.  I rode as much as I could, and then had another month of no rides from 23rd November.  Rain and weekend travel are to blame.

Total Distance

Graph courtesy of VeloViewer

So the Rapha Festive 500 came at the perfect time to motivate me to add to my total kilometers ridden in 2014.  The challenge is to ride 500 kms between the 24th and 31st of December.

Rapha has partnered with Strava to keep track of riders’ mileage.  No small undertaking, seeing as 46,360 cyclists are currently in the challenge.

Strava is doing a great job of displaying every participant’s current mileage, and rank overall, by country, by age and by weight.  Strava is also providing additional motivation by presenting riders with ‘achievements’ as they meet interim targets.


I got the final one today.


I have ridden every day since Christmas Eve.  I am putting my vacation time to good use.

Heatmap courtesy of Strava

Heatmap courtesy of Strava

514kms over six days.  Mostly over the usual routes:  Genting Sempah (2), KESAS (3) and (6), and the Guthrie Corridor Expressway (4).

There were a couple of forays into new territory, starting with the first Festive 500 ride on Christmas Eve (1).  Keat, Mark, Marco, Fahmi and I started with a ride to a favourite nasi lemak stop in Kampung Cempedak.  But instead of following breakfast with a ride through Kampung Melayu Seri Kundang, we followed a back road toward Rawang.  Here we are, happy to be at the summit of the climb along Jalan Ciku.

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

The ride that took me over the 500kms target was an entirely new one.  I drove my biker chick to the airport, then parked and pulled my bike out of the car.  It was raining quite hard, but that didn’t stop me from riding alongside runway 2, and the new runway 3 serving KLIA 2, watching aircraft come and go in a cloud of spray.


I didn’t want to continue onto the highway serving the airports, so I doubled back along runway 3 and went to Sepang.  I had fun, but would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been raining the entire time.


Weather permitting, I might get to 600kms by New Year’s Eve.  A relatively large total by my current standards, but paltry in comparison with 1,644kms already ridden by the person leading the Festive 500.  He has cycled almost 14,500kms in 2014.  He must be very fit.  And not have a full-time job.

Grow Your Jersey Collection One Ride at a Time – 2014

I rode about 7,000 kms in 2013.  A number of weekends were devoted to organised events, mostly century rides.  You can see photographs of the jerseys that were given to participants in those 2013 events here.

2014 has been a year of much less cycling.  Just over 3,000 kms.  Despite this, I managed to complete a number of organised events, and collected more jerseys.

The first event of the year was the OCBC Cycle Malaysia ride.  The ride that took us through the closed streets of Kuala Lumpur.  The colours and event logo are unchanged.  The logo is horizontal across the chest this time, instead of vertical down the right side.

OCBC 2014

The organisers of the Janamanjung Fellowship Ride didn’t provide jerseys.  Participants got these t-shirts.  The graphic on the front is quite striking.  All the logos on the back are less attractive.

Janamanjung FR 2014

The organisers of the Klang Premier Century Ride gave participants a jersey and a t-shirt.  Both have a clean and simple design with very few sponsorship logos.

Klang Premier CR 2014 a

Klang Premier CR 2014 b

The Kuantan Century Ride was the first of the century events that I had ridden in 2013 as well.  One of the challenges of running an annual event must be designing a unique jersey for each year.  The Visit Malaysia logo is unchanged, but the rest of the jersey is different from last year’s.  This year’s version has much less yellow, and dark blue has replaced cyan

Kuantan CR 2014

The Melaka Century Ride jersey was a striking green.  Which made a nice change from the usual red, blue, white and black.

Melaka CR 2014

The last 160 km event of the year was the Johor Masters Century Ride.  I needed the help of a couple of PowerBars to make it through this one.

Johor Masters CR 2014

The last event of 2014 was the Shimano Highway Challenge.  The jersey for this event had a design that best represents the sport, and not coincidentally, the title sponsor.

Shimano Highway Challenge 2014

Hopefully I will get much more cycling done next year.  I have already signed up for a few events in 2015.  Body and time willing, I will collect more jerseys in 2015.