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Vélocity Café

Chon introduced me to an alternative starting point for the ride to the Sungai Tekala Recreational Park.  Every other time I have ridden to that park, I have started from the police station at Batu 18, Hulu Langat.

This time seven of us met at the Challenger Sports Centre in Taman Dagang Permai.  17 km / 10 mi away from Batu 18.  More significantly, there was 150 m / 490 ft of climbing over 3.2 km / 2 mi to overcome almost from the start.

Hulu Langat Route

There was more climbing between Batu 18 and the recreational park.

Photograph courtesy of Mark

Photograph courtesy of Mark

By the time we made it over the longer 4.2 km / 2.6 mi return climb at 11am we needed a cold drink or two.

Fortunately for us the Vélocity Café had opened last October in The Challenger Sports Centre.  A cycling-themed café catering for the rider who regularly do the Jalan Hulu Langat climb.

There is a large outdoor seating area in the front.

Photograph courtesy of YHien Ting at

Photograph courtesy of Yien Ting at

And a larger air-conditioned room with a variety of seating.

Velocity Cafe Interior 2

You order from a fairly extensive menu and pay for your order at the counter at the back of the café.

Velocity Cafe www j-e-a-n com

Photograph courtesy of Jean at

I like the tags they use to identify whom ordered what.

Photograph courtesy of Mark

Photograph courtesy of Mark

I ordered a variety of cold drinks:  An Iced Latte, a Passion Fusion, and a Banana Milk.  All were excellent.

We all eyed the food that other patrons had ordered.  The Big Breakfast in particular looked good.

Photograph courtesy of Yien Ting at

Photograph courtesy of 

While enjoying your drinks and meal, you can look at the bicycles for sale.

Photograph courtesy of Vélocity Café

Photograph courtesy of Velocity Cafe

The Vélocity Café was very nice,  I think we will be back.

Velocity Logo

Velocity Coffee | Bicycle Shop
The Challenger Sports Centre
Jalan Taman Putra
Taman Dagang Permai
68000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Mon-Sat 11.30 am – 10.30 pm

Sun 10.30 am – 10.30 pm

Pump It Up

At the Shah Alam Enduride 2015, Marvin, Justin and I came upon two people with flat tires.  Not unusual.  What was more unusual was that neither was carrying a pump.

This post is about my chosen tire inflation devices.  What I carry with me, and what I have at home.

I used to carry CO2 canisters and a chuck, either in a jersey pocket, or more often in a saddle bag.  Much like this set from Genuine Innovations.

Genuine Innovations Chuck

This combination got the job done, but at the risk of freezing a thumb and perhaps a finger or two in the process.

I graduated to an inflator like this one, also from Genuine Innovations.

Genuine Innovations Ultraflate

This type of inflator protects hands from getting frozen, and also has a large trigger that is easier to use that the ‘press to inflate’ chuck.  The disadvantage is the additional bulk.

I was happy with my inflator and CO2 cartridges until I moved to the Netherlands.  I read an article about the wastefulness of discarding empty CO2 canisters.  The Netherlands has a strong recycling ethic, and the combination of the two convinced me to switch to a hand pump.

I read some reviews, and Lezyne pumps got good scores.  So I looked at their website, and made my choice.  A medium sized Lezyne Pressure Drive.

Pressure Drive

I chose the Pressure Drive because it can inflate a tire to 120psi / 8.3 bar.  It also comes with a hose that has a threaded Presta valve connection on one end, and a Schrader valve connection on the other.  I also like the flexible hose because it puts less stress on the valve stem while pumping up a tire than a direct-connect pump does.  The threaded connector is easier to attach to a valve than a hose that attaches with a lever.

Pressure Drive Hose

The medium sized Pressure Drive is 216mm long, and it fits in a clamp that attaches to the frame together with a bottle cage.

Pressure Drive Bracket


The Pressure Drive works very well on the road.  So well that I have given away my CO2 canisters and collection of inflators.

But it does take some effort to inflate a tire to 90psi / 6.2 bar and above.  So for home use I bought a Lezyne Classic Floor Drive.

Classic Floor Drive

The Floor Drive will inflate a tire up to 220psi / 15bar, although I don’t fill my tires beyond 90 psi.

The Floor Drive comes with a large gauge, so it is easy to tell when you have achieved your desired tire pressure.

Classic Floor Drive Gauge

It also has a threaded Flip-Thread Chuck that fits both Presta and Schrader valves.

Floor Drive Chuck


I am very pleased with my Pressure Drive and Floor Drive pumps.  I am sure they will continue to serve me well for a long time to come.

Shah Alam Enduride 2015

Shah Alam Enduride 2015 Banner 2

The Shah Alam Enduride 2014 was the first, and so far the only cycling event, that I didn’t finish.  I struggled badly from the 60km point.  At about 100kms I packed it in.

So I came into this year’s SAER determined to finish.  Experience has taught me what to do, and what not to do.

To do:

Stay hydrated

Eat enough

Not to do:

Ride hard from the start

Go into the red on the climbs

Marvin, Liang, Justin, Mark and I took our customary positions at the rear of the pack.

Photograph courtesy of Mark

Photograph courtesy of Mark

Stephen was with us too.

Photograph courtesy of Mark

Photograph courtesy of Mark

The riders at the front were treated to some traditional gamelan music while they waited for the gun.

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia Magazine

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia Magazine

We didn’t have to wait long.  This year the VIPs were not late, and the ride started just minutes after the appointed time of 7.30am.

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia Magazine

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia Magazine

The Flipsiders, as always, took a more relaxed approach to the start.

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia Magazine

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia Magazine

The route was not exactly the same as last year’s, but it covered much of the same ground.  A clockwise run from Shah Alam through Sungai Buloh and north toward Batang Berjuntai, with a loop toward Batu Arang, before turning south again through Puncak Alam, and over the two Dragon’s Back sections on the way back to Shah Alam.

Shah Alam Enduride Ride 2015 Route

I was sure to avoid my two “Not to do’s” right from the start.  There was 1,400 meters / 4,600 feet of climbing to be done, most of it in the first half of the ride.  With the Dragon’s Back kickers to come at the end, as you can see from the route profile below.

Graphic courtesy of VeloViewer

Graphic courtesy of VeloViewer

I made sure to observe my “to do’s” as well.  It was well into high 30° C / 100° F territory by about 11am.  It was also very humid, so I was sweating a lot.  By the 75 km / 47 mi mark it was time to stop for a cold drink, a Snickers bar, and a bag of ice.  The cooling strategy I first practiced at the Kedah Century Ride had worked wonders.  It was time to use it again.

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Ice under my skull cap.  Ice in my bandanna against the back of my neck.  Ice in the centre pocket of my jersey.

You can tell from the shadow that by this time the sun was beating down on Marvin and I.

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

We were a trio, together with Justin, for most of the ride.

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Liang, Mark and Stephen had hooked onto faster groups.  We didn’t see them again.

We did however see Marco.  He wasn’t able to participate in the ride, but he appeared beside us on his scooter as we got to the Batu Arang area.

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

And look what he had with him . . .

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Fantastic.  Our own personal support vehicle, loaded with ice and cold water.  Just what we needed an hour later, as we approached the Dragon Back climbs.  We stopped at a PETRONAS station on Jalan Meru Tambahan to replenish my ice-powered cooling system, and for Justin and Marvin to top up their bidons.

Then it was 4 km / 2.5 mi more before the left turn onto Jalan Bukit Cerakah, and the start of the first Dragon’s Back.  The sensible early pace, and the ice on the back of my neck, did me a lot of good.  Last year I was thoroughly cooked after 100 km / 62 mi.  This year I could muster a thumbs up and a smile at the top of the final climb before the left right turn onto the second Dragon’s Back.

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

It was hot.  It was windy.  My ice pack had melted.  But the Dragon’s Backs were behind me.  There was one last sharp little climb up to a roundabout in Shah Alam, and then it was across the line.

Marvin followed soon after.

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Justin finished safely as well.  We were all pleased to have completed the ride, but perhaps none more than I.

Photograph courtesy of Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco

The Enduride lived up to its name.  Lots of climbing.  Poor road surfaces in places.  High temperatures.  Gusting winds.  Everyone who completed the ride deserves their medal.

Shah Alam Enduride 2015 Medal