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Klang Premiere Century Ride 2014

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After my struggles at the Shah Alam Enduride, I was hoping for a good outing at the Klang Premiere Century Ride.  This was advertised as a 108 km ride.  The route consisted of a loop through Klang town, a run south to Telok Panglima Garang, a second loop with an out-and-back to the coast on Carey Island, and finally the reverse run from Teluk Panglima Garang to the start.

Klang Century Ride Route

I had a 2.15pm flight to catch, so I didn’t have time to do the full 108 km ride.  I planned to skip the out-and-back to Carey Island.  I was told that cutting out  that section would reduce my ride length to 73 km.  I reckoned on about 2 ½ hours to complete my ride.  Which would give me plenty of time to drive the 47 km  back home, shower etc. and get to the airport by about 1.00pm.

Klang Century JM Route

The start and finish were at the Premiere Hotel in Klang.  It was a pretty good choice.  There was lots of room for rider packet pickup the day before, and lots of secure covered parking on the day of the ride.  The goodie bag did have some goodies in it.  Registered riders got a jersey, a t-shirt, a bidon, and some discount vouchers.

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia magazine

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia magazine

There was the usual mix of registered and ghost riders.  Yue-Jin was a registered rider.  I can’t speak for his friends on his right.

Klang Century Yue-Jin

Photograph courtesy of Cheong Yue-Jin

Marco, Mark and I were in our Flipsiders jerseys.  Ching Chua, Cher-Ryl and Griffin were there too.  That is Marco’s and Mark’s post-ride lunch btw.

Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

Photograph curtesy of Marco Lai

The route was very flat, so once we finished the loop through Klang we rode at a fairly high average speed.  I expected to get to the water stop that marked the beginning of the Carey Island sector after about 45 km to 50 km.

50 km came and went.  55 km came and went.  60 km came and went.  I began to worry about overheating and running out of fluid to drink.  I had been sweating a lot.  It was at least 35 °C / 95 °F, and it felt more like 45  °C / 113 °F.

65 km came and went.  I was slowing down in the heat.  I still had some sport drink in one bidon.  I hadn’t brought anything to eat.  That was a mistake.  I began to worry about missing my flight.

The junction I was waiting for finally came after 72 km.  I had been riding for 2 ¼ hours.  No one manning the water stop was sure how far it was to the finish.  Whatever the remaining distance, it was clear that I wouldn’t make my target finish time of 2 ½ hours.

I filled both my bidons with 100 Plus.  I poured water over my head, and tied a wet bandanna around my neck.  Then Marco, Mark and I set off toward the Premiere Hotel.  We were on our own because the route marshals were manning the junctions on the way to Carey Island.  So we had to stop at red traffic lights.  Perhaps it was because of the heat, but it seemed like almost every traffic light we came to was red.  It was with considerable relief that we got to the finish after only 14 km.

Klang Century Finish

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia magazine

I was only 30 minutes behind my planned finish time as the volunteer crew removed my timing chip.  They were surprised that I was at the finish so quickly.  Our average speed of 32 kph / 20 mph was not the only reason.  I did have to  explain that I took a short cut.

Klang Century Finish Tag

Photograph courtesy of Cycling Malaysia magazine

It took another 30 minutes before I stopped dripping sweat and was able to pull on a t-shirt and shorts for the high-speed drive home.

The good news is that I felt pretty good after a very hot 87 km.  And I made it to the airport on time.

Shah Alam Enduride 2014

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Shah Alam Enduride 2014 Banner   It has been three weeks since my crash at the Janamanjung 2014 ride.  My bike is repaired.  It has a new shifter on the right side.  SRAM shifters are sold in pairs.  So I have a spare left side shifter if anyone needs it. My body had repaired itself enough for me to give the Shah Alam Enduride a go.  Or so I thought. I was the only Flipsider to register for this event.  So all I had for company while waiting to collect my event t-shirt and rider number were the games on my mobile phone.

Shah Alam Enduride 2014 Collection

Photograph courtesy of Pedal Explorer

There were about 450 registered riders.  Griffin and Liang joined me at the start on Sunday morning.  They were among the unregistered cyclists.  AKA ghost riders. Image1 The ride was flagged off by the Menteri Besar of Selangor.  It is just a shame that he arrived more than 30 minutes late. Shah Alam Enduride 2014 Route The route was designed to be challenging.  In other words it was lumpy from the start, and stayed lumpy for 70km.  The first third of the ride was on fairly busy roads like this one.  I must commend the organizers for the excellent marshaling of the route.

Shah Alam Enduride 2014 Road 2 (Pedal Explorer).jpg

Photograph courtesy of Pedal Explorer

The next third of the ride was on quieter and scenic roads like this one.

Shah Alam Enduride 2014 Road 1 (Pedal Explorer)

Photograph courtesy of Pedal Explorer

Unfortunately I wasn’t enjoying the scenery.  I was having a really bad day.  It was very hot and humid.  I should probably have been drinking more regularly than I did.  I started cramping at about the 60km point, and struggled from then on.  I was thankful for the stop at the 7-11 in Batang Berjuntai to inhale a chocolate milk and to loiter in the air-conditioning. Griffin dragged me from the 7-11 in to the second water stop.  At the second water atop I started to worry about not making the cut off time at the next water stop. Shah Alam Enduride 2014 Cut Off Times By the time I hit the 100km mark I had given up on making it to the finish.  I have ridden the climbs on Jalan Batu Arang a number of times.  I knew that my cramping legs wouldn’t get me over those hills.  So I looked for some shade where I could end my ride and wait for a broom wagon. Shah Alam Enduride 2014 JM Route It wasn’t long before my bike and I were in the bed of a pickup truck.  Together with another rider who had been picked up earlier.  We both got dropped off at the third water stop. I sprawled in the shade under a large canopy, sipping on a very cold drink courtesy of the ice cubes that the volunteers were handing out.  I considered continuing the ride once I had cooled down, but thankfully sanity prevailed, and I waited for the lorry that would haul my bike to the finish.  There was an air-conditioned coach already waiting to take all the DNF riders to the finish.  I had lots of company.  About 100 of us bailed out of this ride at various points. This would have been part of the welcome if we had finished the ride.

Shah Alam Enduride 2014 Cymbals (Pedal Explorer).jpg

Photograph courtesy of Pedal Explorer

Despite not finishing, we all got a medal. Shah Alam Enduride 2014 Medal   I would have rather have finished on my bike rather than in a coach.  I made the right choice though.  The body wasn’t able.