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Grow Your Jersey Collection One Ride at a Time – 2013

I found that the registration fee for an organized ride in the United States, the Netherlands and Belgium does not include an event jersey.  Most events had jerseys that you had to buy separately.

The registration fee for organised rides in Malaysia generally does include an event jersey.  My cycling kit storage box is starting to overflow with jerseys.  Some nicer than others, as you will see.

My first Malaysian event jersey was courtesy of the Bike X ride.  That ride was in November 2012.  I had been home for a month and a half.  I was struggling to get used to the heat and humidity.  A short-sleeved jersey seemed like a good idea.  A clean design with not a sponsor logo to be seen.

Bike X

The next jersey came for the Broga Reverse 116 ride, in December 2012.  I must not have enjoyed that ride at all.  I didn’t blog about it.  The jersey has lots of color though.

Broga 116

The first jersey of 2013 came from the OCBC Cycle Malaysia ride in January.  No fancy graphics for this bank, but lots of sponsor logos.


Team 165 rode the Kuantan Century in June.  I like this color combination.

Kuantan Century

There were an unlucky few who did not get a jersey at the Iskandar Johor ride in July.  This ride was notable for its poor organization.  Everything about the ride was a bit messy.  Like the jersey.

Iskandar Johor

In September we did the Terengganu Century.  I like this jersey.  The turtle logo for the “Visit Terengganu 2013” campaign is clever.  I also like the graphic of the cyclist.

Terengganu Century

We were supposed to do the Merdeka – 2nd Penang Bridge ride in September.  That ride was postponed to November, and then postponed again to a date to be announced.  I got the jersey anyway.  Is it just me or do the rides with the poorest organization also have the most “graphics gone wild” jerseys?

Penang Bridge

November saw our trip to Thailand for the Samila Century.  Not of course a Malaysian ride, but it came with a jersey just the same.

Samila Century

The next addition was from the Shimano Highway Challenge.  “E21” is the designation for the LEKAS Highway, where the event was run.

Shimano Highway Challenge

The last jersey for the year came from the Cycle for Life ride in December.  It is quite a smart design.

Ride For Life 2013

Eleven new jerseys for the year!