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Recovery Ride

Six of us had ridden either about 110 km or 130 km on Saturday.  Four of us turned up at D’Bayu on Sunday for a recovery ride.  The idea was to have a gentle ride to a nasi lemak stall near Kampung Kundang, have breakfast, and then ride back to Bukit Jelutong.

We got to the Kuala Selangor exit fairly quickly.  A sign of things to come.


The breakfast part went as planned.  We stopped at Selera Ria in Kampung Cempedak for the usual food and drink.


Photograph courtesy of Marvin Tan

The recovery part was anything but.

We rode about 57 km at an average speed of 28.6 kph.

Granted we went twice as far the day before.  That ride hadn’t feel slow by any means.  We averaged 27.6 kph.

So much for a gentle recovery ride.

What was clear was that I had recovered from the ‘flu that had made all my rides in the preceding two weeks feel harder than normal.  That was most obvious in my heart rate.  My heart rate was at least 10 bpm higher than usual.

This was my Saturday effort.  My average heart rate was 131 bpm.

Suffer long

Graph courtesy of Strava

On Sunday my heart rate had settled down.  My average heart rate on this faster ride was 120 bpm.  I spent much less time in Zone 4 – Threshold than I had the day before.  And conversely more time in Zone 2 – Moderate.

Graph courtesy of Strava

Graph courtesy of Strava

So the ride on Sunday was a recovery ride of sorts, despite the higher speed.