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Product Review: Silca SuperPista Digital Floor Pump

Almost five years ago, I wrote a blog post titled Pump It Up, about the inflation devices I use. My floor pump then was the Lezyne Classic Floor Drive.

Photograph courtesy of Lezyne

That floor pump still works well. But five years on, the floor level needle gauge has become difficult for me to read (damn you older age ūüė©).

So I replaced the Lezyne with a Silca SuperPista Digital Floor Pump.

Photograph courtesy of Silca

For me, the standout feature is the high mount backlit digital gauge.

Photograph courtesy of

The gauge sits at the top of the pump barrel. The backlight comes on automatically when you start inflating a tire. The red numbers are about 12mm high and are easy for my sixty-plus-year-old eyes to read.

This pump is not a one-trick pony. The list of features is impressive.

The Gauge

The gauge can display one of three different measurement units: psi, bar, or kg/cm2.

You can set a target pressure alert using the “+” and “-” buttons. When you reach your desired pressure, the display flashes.

Silca claims the gauge is accurate to within 1%.

The Chuck

The SuperPista Digital includes Silca’s Hiro chuck. This all-metal chuck seals completely on Presta valves as short as 10 mm. The chuck is rated up to 220psi or 15.1 bar. The locking lever can be operated with one hand.

Photograph courtesy of

The Pump

The SuperPista combines a full metal shock piston design with the classic Italian leather plunger washer that has been a feature of Silca pumps since 1917.

Photograph courtesy of Silca

An alloy barrel and German Igus linear bearings create the highest efficiency, smoothest running Silca floor pump to date.

The pump has a top-mount hose design with a magnetic dock beside the gauge for the Hiro chuck. A strap holds the handle in place for storage or transport.

Photograph courtesy of Silca

The hose is 130cm long, which is enough to reach the valves of bikes clamped in repair stands or car racks.

The pump stands about 76cm tall. The handle extends to 132cm. By extending the handle all the way, a tire can be inflated to 90psi in 24 strokes. The pump is rated to 220psi.

The Base

The three-footed base exceeds 28cm at its widest point. Rubber feet ensure that the stable base does not slide around on the floor. The weight of the pump and the wide base make the SuperPista difficult to accidentally knock over.

Is the SuperPista Digital Worth the Price?

This is an expensive pump. There are no rivals in this price range to compare it with. What do you get for your money?

You get Silca’s outstanding build quality and attention to design. The SuperPista is handcrafted from first-rate materials and is a pleasure to use.

This pump is covered by Silca’s Lifetime Warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the user, plus 7 years of coverage for non-defect reasons such as fatigue, wear and tear, etc.

With the proper care and maintenance using Silca-supplied replacement parts, the SuperPista digital will probably be the last floor pump you will ever buy.


The high price makes it impossible to recommend the Silca SuperPista Digital on a pure value for money basis. There are lots of cheaper pumps that do a fine job of inflating tyres. But the way this pump is designed and constructed makes it a joy to use. It has beautiful touches all around. If money is no object, this pump scores 10 out of 10.

Photograph courtesy of

Kudos for Silca

I own a number of Silca products.

T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit
Phone Wallet
Seat Roll Premio
Tire Levers Premio
EOLO III CO2 Regulator

The quality of the Silca items I own reflects the brand’s commitment to its customers:

Our commitment to you, our fellow cyclist, that we will continually strive to design and build the most perfect products possible.

That commitment extends to customer support.

One of the reasons Silca calls their CO2 inflator head a regulator is because the spool valve seals the pierced canister.  No CO2 escapes until you depress the SilEOLO IIIspring-loaded valve.  Which means that any unused CO2 stays in the canister.

The spool valve on my EOLO III started leaking CO2.  I emailed Silca customer support to ask if there was a way I could stop the leak.  The response was perfect.

This showed up on my doorstep yesterday.


A free replacement for my defective EOLO III.

Silca items are not the cheapest of their kind.  However the design and build quality of their products, coupled with outstanding customner support, make Silca products true value for money.