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More what do you see?

The ban on outdoor cycling goes on. Here are more things that are always in plain sight, which I only noticed on my walks around the neighbourhood.

Courtesy of Google Maps


The row of dance clubs at the end of Jalan Doraisamy are closed. No more bhangra music until late on weekends. The mural on the Maccal Luxe Club wall remains, though.

2 & 3

These are the Ali and Muthu murals on the wall of the Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock Dang Wangi outlet.


The last time I walked there, The waterfall in front of the KL Forest Eco Park dominated my attention. The next time I saw the various leaf imprints on the pavement.


I now know that pavement is part of the Urban Forest Trail. The manhole covers date from when the Eco Park was known as the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. Nanas being the Bahasa Malaysia word for “pineapple.”


The roadside electrical cabinets on Jalan Ampang near the Malaysian Tourism Centre sport city scenes. What a nice change from the usual dull grey.


The hoarding surrounding the empty lot next to the W Kuala Lumpur is a 225 metres / 740 feet long mural featuring Malaysian plant and animal life.


Jubilation II is by the Malaysian artist Eng Tay. Cast in 2009, it is his ode to the simple joys in life. This installation is in front of Marc Residence on Jalan Pinang.


Next door is the Ascott Residence, where this little fountain lives.


The next buildings along are the Etiqa Twins. The two towers are set back from the road, so I missed the Bentley showroom the first time past. After I took this photograph, I noticed the Aston Martin showroom in the other tower.


Across the road is the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and another fountain.


The Ruma is hard to miss from a bicycle. It wasn’t until I walked past that I realised the windowed box on the mezzanine level looks into the ATAS Modern Malaysia Eatery.

Executive Chef Tyson G sometimes rides with us. He serves up a delicious menu featuring fresh interpretations of local favourites featuring local herbs and produce.


Kuala Lumpur City Hall procured a range of posters commemorating World Children’s Day 2018. The magic of Google Map’s Street View reveals that in November 2018, the backdrop at this bus stop across from the Concorde Hotel on Jalan Sultan Ismail had the tagline Education, #For EveryChild in Malaysia.

Then it changed to #For EveryChild, the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Now the message is about safety. The child on a bicycle is an appropriate way to close this post.