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The last time I rode along the road from Kota Puteri to Bandar Seri Coalfields was in January 2017. That was during an Audax BRM300. We had ridden 270km when we got to Kota Puteri.

Yesterday I rolled through Kota Puteri after a 60km ride from Bandar Utama to Kuang, Bestari Jaya and Simpang Tiga Ijok. We rode via Selangor Fruit Valley (or Selangor Fruits Valley, depending on who you ask). Another place I had not seen for many years.

Selangor Fruit Valley is a 646-hectare tropical fruit farm cum agro-tourism destination. The farm is at the northern end of our ride route.

Map courtesy of Ride With GPS

Twenty of us did this first proper R@SKLs group ride in months. We started as one group but soon split into two sets of cyclists. The first group waited at the junction with the road to Batu Arang for the rest of us to catch up.

We got there eventually!

Photograph courtesy of JS

Our next stop was at the Caltex station in Bestari Jaya.

Photograph courtesy of VV

More specifically, the FamilyMart at the Caltex station in Bestari Jaya. Where else can you get onigiri (Japanese rice balls) and Caramel Dalgona Coffee Sofuto?

What is the change alluded to in the title of this post?

That came south of Kota Puteri. In 2017 the road there looked like this.

Photograph courtesy of Google Maps

A winding two-way road with a narrow shoulder.

Today that road looks like this.

Photograph courtesy of Google Maps

A four-lane divided highway. You can see a remnant of the old road to the left.

Here is my route from January 2017 overlaid on the current map of the area.

Map courtesy of Ride With GPS

The narrow winding road with ruts and bumps has changed into a relatively straight and smooth divided highway that runs from Simpang Tiga Ijok to the Sungai Buloh Prison. All part of improvements to Federal Route 54, starting from the junction with Federal Route 5 at Taman Assam Jawa to the west.

It is a welcome change.