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Product Review: Knog Scout Bike Alarm & Finder

My riding buddies are always worried that their bikes will be stolen while we are inside a coffee shop or restaurant mid-ride. Which means trying to have our bikes within sight while we are eating and drinking. That is not always possible.

When Knog sent me an announcement about their Scout Bike Alarm & Finder, I was intrigued.

Photograph courtesy of

That announcement had a link to a DC Rainmaker review of the Scout. As with all of Ray’s reviews, this one is worth reading. When I saw that he wrote “As soon as the Knog site opens for ordering, Iā€™m ordering a slate of these”, I was sold.

This is what is inside the cardboard packaging.

Photograph courtesy of Knog

From the left:

  1. A silicone cover
  2. The Scout unit
  3. Anti-tamper screws
  4. Spacers for use when mounting the unit under a bottle cage
  5. A tool for tightening and loosening the anti-tamper screws

The Scout combines an 85dB alarm and a bike finder function. The finder function uses Apple’s Find My app. The Scout has a water resistant IP66 rating, which means it is rain and wash-proof.

I mounted the Scout under a bottle cage.

The Scout is 10.5mm thick, so it is fits unobtrusively under my bottle cage. The neon yellow silicone cover, which is designed to advertise the presence of this security device (if desired), can only be used if the Scout is mounted without a bottle cage over it.

Control of the Scout is via the Knog Mobile app. Unfortunately for non-iPhone users, there is no Android version of the Knog Mobile app.

Icon courtesy of Knog

Once the Knog Mobile app is installed and the Scout is paired to the app (pairing is done via the app and not via the iOS Bluetooth settings), the Scout can be customised, armed and disarmed from your mobile phone.

Image courtesy of Knog

Customisation options include:

  1. Renaming the device, which is useful if you have more than one Scout paired to the Knog Mobile app.
  2. Setting the movement sensitivity of the Scout
  3. Adjusting the alarm volume
  4. Choosing from eight alarm tones

Pressing the red arrow at the bottom of the Knog Mobile app screen opens the Apple Find My app.

Icon courtesy of Apple

Once you add a Scout to the Find My app, the app will display the Scout’s location on a map. You can connect multiple Scouts to the Find My app.

Claimed battery life for the Scout is six months. Charging is via USB-C. I haven’t decided if I will remove the Scout from my bike to charge it, or leave the Scout on the bike and recharge via a power bank. I have six months to think about it šŸ˜„.

My initial impressions of the Knog Scout are good.

Setting up the Scout via the Knog Mobile app, and mounting the Scout underneath a bottle cage were both straightforward tasks.

The alarm is certainly loud enough to deter a thief.

The Find My function works exactly the same way as it does for Apple AirTags. I should be able to find by bicycle if it is taken.

Of course, I hope no one will try to steal my bicycle. With the Scout on my bike, I will hear if someone tries to take it.

I can relax during our mid-ride stops. No need for me to be able to see my bicycle at all times now.