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BCG Tuesday Night Fun Rides

The Bangsar Cycling Group organises fun rides on Tuesday nights.  Starting, naturally enough, in Bangsar.  Residents of Bangsar will be amused that CNN once described the neighbourhood as “gritty.”  Bangsar may be a lot of things, but gritty isn’t one of them.

As an aside, I was born in Bangsar, at what was then known as the European Hospital.  That hospital was demolished to make way for the Public Health Institute, which stands to this day on Jalan Rumah Sakit Bangsar (Bangsar Hospital Road).

BCG Bangsar Hospital

Photograph courtesy of the National Archives of Malaysia

This ride takes in all sorts of bicycles.  Wheels roll at 8pm from in front of the Bangsar Post Office on Jalan Telawi.

The route varies slightly from week to week, but invariably runs from Bangsar in the southwest to the KLCC in the northeast, and back to Bangsar.

BCG Bangsar Route

Map courtesy of Strava

Taking in along the way some of the sights of the city.

There are regular stops to ensure that the group stays together.  A couple of individuals take the responsibility to manage the group, which can number up to 20 or so.  One person leads, and another makes sure no one gets separated from the group.

BCG Bangsar 9 DAM

Photograph courtesy of Danial Marzuki

A highlight of every ride is the pit stop at Le’Park Nasi Lemak on Jalan Raja Uda in Kampung Baru.  Conveniently at the halfway point of the roughly 32km / 20mi long route.

BCG Bangsar Le Park @megatzhafir

Photograph courtesy of @megatzhafir

It is a fun group of people, and the pace is convivial.  There is a lot of fun to be had on a Tuesday evening with the BCG.