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We Are Coming, Paul

The invitations had been coming for some time. Accompanied by photographs like these.

As soon as the MCO ban on interstate travel was lifted we started planning a ride to Port Dickson. Paul provided additional encouragement.

Photograph courtesy of PL

Within a week everything was confirmed. The route was from where I live to Regency Resort Tanjung Tuan.

Map courtesy of Ride with GPS

Ready to roll at 6:45 am.

Photograph courtesy of TS

Our first stop was at the Seri Kembangan R&R on the Maju Expressway.

Photograph courtesy of TS

Stop two was in Dengkil for breakfast. 44km / 27mi and 2 hours into our ride.

Photograph courtesy of TS

On the road again toward Bandar Serenia and Kota Warisan.

Photograph courtesy of ML

We made the right turn onto Jalan Besar Salak at 10:00 am. The stretch from Bandar Baru Enstek to Sepang was into a strong headwind. We were glad for a break at the Shell station.

Photograph courtesy of ML

Kieren and Terry had ridden faster than the rest of us and they made the left turn onto Federal Route 5 toward Lukut. Fortunately, they stopped at the border sign and called me to check where we were.

Photograph courtesy of TS

It is a good thing Terry called because we had decided to ride in the opposite direction to Sungai Pelek to take the ferry across the Sungai Sepang.

Photograph courtesy of TS

We got to the ferry to discover that it had not started running again. Nothing to do but smile for the camera and head back to Sepang.

Photograph courtesy of TS

Lay and I were leading the group 2km from Regency Resort. I heard AiLei shout “Faster. Faster.”

When Lay and I pulled into the Regency Resort gate the rest were nowhere to be seen. AiLei had shouted “Puncture. Puncture.”

Photograph courtesy of ZT

Everyone got to Regency Resort eventually.

Once we were all settled rehydration was essential.

Photograph courtesy of TS

Followed by some paddling.

Photograph courtesy of ZT

And conversation with our hosts. Paul and Simon were superb hosts. Thank you from all of us.

Photograph courtesy of ZT

Simon cooked steaks for some of us for dinner. The others went out to tar pau fried rice, fried noodles and seafood.

Photograph courtesy of ML

Lots of food, beer and wine = let’s just ride to Seremban tomorrow and take the train back to KL.

So at 7:25 am we were on the road to Seremban.

Map courtesy of Ride with GPS
Photograph courtesy of ML
Photograph courtesy of ML

It took about 90 minutes to get to the Seremban KTM station. Faster than I had expected, and fast enough for us to catch the 9:06 am train instead of the 10:02 am departure that we had planned for.

Photograph courtesy of ML

At 10:45 am we were at Bank Negara KTM station.

Photograph courtesy of TS

At 11:00 am we were at Gavel.

Photograph courtesy of KBS

I ate like I had ridden all the way from PD.

Paul can we come again?

Photograph courtesy of SSH

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I left Malaysia in 2008 as a non-cyclist. I am back home now with three road bikes and all the paraphernalia that goes with being addicted to cycling.

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