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R@SKLs in the Rain

Rain Banner Photo by reza shayestehpour on Unsplash.png

It is that time of the year in Malaysia.  The northeast monsoon is here.  Enough rain will fall in the next few months to cause flooding in parts of the country.

Both our rides last weekend were interrupted by heavy rain.  On Saturday we got as far as Jenjarom, from Kota Kemuning, before the heavens opened.  We ducked into a coffee shop on Lorong 3.  Some of us had stopped here a week before.  The nasi lemak and the chee cheong fun were good.

R@SKL Rain Jenjarom 1 Simon Soo Hu

Photograph courtesy of Simon Soo Hu

The chee cheong fun stall had moved to parts unknown, but the nasi lemak lady was there.  With her chicken curry and sambal petai.

R@SKL Rain Jenjarom 8 Pai Hsing C

Photograph courtesy of Hsing Chou Pai

We were still at that coffee shop an hour later.  The rain had not stopped.  Some of us had a second breakfast.  Others watched movies in their mobile phones.

R@SKL Rain Jenjarom 5 Pai Hsing C

Photograph courtesy of Hsing Chou Pai

Eventually we gave up waiting, and headed out into the rain.

This is known as taking advantage!

R@SKL Rain Jenjarom 2 Marco Lai

Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

The rain had become a drizzle by the time we got back to Kota Kemuning.  Some of us decided to continue on to Bandar Botanik, for some extra kilometers.


We stopped at a coffee shop in Bandar Botanik, ostensibly for a short rest.

You would have thought that everyone was still full from the double breakfasts at Jenjarom.

But no!

Some of the guys couldn’t resist the Sup Tulang, a Malay style bone marrow soup, usually made out of beef bone marrow.

The rain had stopped.  Happy faces all around!

R@SKL Rain Jenjarom 3 TH Lim

Photograph courtesy of TH Lim

There was a trace of sunshine as we rode back to our cars.


Photo by Nicolas Brown on Unsplash

It was more of the same on Sunday.  It had rained hard overnight, so the roads were wet as we made our way from Bukit Jelutong and over the humps along Persiaran Mokhtar Dahari.  The Dragon’s Back.

R@SKL Rain Ijok 6 Danial Shaz

Photograph courtesy of Danial Shaz

There were more very wet roads as we continued towards Ijok.

R@SKL Rain Ijok 5 Danial Shaz

Photograph courtesy of Danial Shaz

The rain started again just as we got to Ijok.  What to do but to duck into our regular Ijok coffee shop for breakfast, while waiting for the rain to stop?

R@SKL Rain Ijok 7 Alex Wong

Photograph courtesy of Alex Wong

Forty five minutes later, it was clear that the rain was not going to let up.  If anything, it was getting heavier.  So we all got thoroughly soaked, both from the rain and the spray from the wheels in front of us, as we rode along the LATAR Highway to the Kundang Timur R&R.

R@SKL Rain Ijok 4 Alex Wong

Photograph courtesy of Alex Wong

More riding in the rain to the Elmina R&R on the Guthrie Corridor Expressway.  And some singing and dancing in the rain when we got there.

R@SKL Rain Ijok 3 WK Woo

Photograph courtesy of WK Woo

We rode in the rain all the way back to Bukit Jelutong.  Fortunately the volume of rain had lessened by the time we got to the d’Bayu carpark.  We were able to load bicycles into vehicles without the interiors getting soaked.


Photo by Rubens Mittag on Unsplash

It is raining, and thunder is rumbling, as I type this.  We have rides planned for this weekend.  The odds are not good for dry rides.

But hope springs eternal!


Photo by Chelsea Aaron on Unsplash

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I left Malaysia in 2008 as a non-cyclist. I am back home now with three road bikes and all the paraphernalia that goes with being addicted to cycling.

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  1. It was raining all over that day, with Penang getting hit the worst. But surprisingly, Genting Perez was spared by the weather and was cool and misty instead. I am sure a lot of people who woke up, saw the rain and decided to skip out on the Rapha ride that had been planned over there were regretting it afterwards.

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