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We Like the Airport Ride

Rain tempted a few of us to go back to bed at 5.30am and have a Sunday lie-in.  But eight of us put on ‘badass pants’ and turned up near the Iskandar restaurant in Bandar Sunway by 6.30am.  By the time we got rolling the rain had stopped.

We started at Bandar Sunway rather than at Bukit Jalil so that we could ride a few more kilometers.

An on the fly decision to take the first exit rather than the second one at the Jalan KLIA 1 / Jalan Pekeliling roundabout added even more kilometers.

KLIA 2 Third Trip

We stopped at the Dengkil stall for breakfast.  Back to that Malaysian favourite – roti canai.  No appelgebak met slagroom here.

KLIA2 Third Trip Breakfast Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

As we left Dengkil we were joined by a local resident out for his Sunday ride.  He suggested an alternate route from the Jalan KLIA 1 / Jalan Pekeliling roundabout to KLIA2.  So we took the first rather than the second exit from that roundabout.

That took us toward the now unused Low Cost Carrier Teminal (LCCT) and alongside Runway 3.  Which provided an opportunity for a plane spotter photo.

KLIA2 Third Trip Marco and Plane Marco

Photograph courtesy of Marco Lai

And a gratuitous bike shot with the KLIA 2 control tower in the background.

KLIA2 Third Trip Control Tower

The road around Runway 3 brought us to the bus and taxi area on the ground floor of the KLIA 2 terminal building.  There is an NZ Curry House outlet there.  With a glass wall so we could see our bicycles from inside the restaurant.

We didn’t think that a group of ten could have pulled off the bike-on-a-trolley trick that had worked for Liang and I.

KLIA2 Third Trip Bike Lineup Fraz Chow

Photograph courtesy of Fraz Chow

It was getting very hot, so one of these was in order.  An ais kacang.

KLIA2 Third Trip Ice Kacang Mark

Photograph courtesy of Mark Lim

Speaking of hot, this was the temperature during our ride back to Bandar Sunway.  I was missing the 8°C / 46°F of Den Haag.

KLIA2 Third Trip WeatherOn the way we stopped a few times for some shade and a breather.  Including at the R&R Seri Kembangan on the MEX Highway, where we could get food and icy drinks, and sit under a fan in the shade.

Our decision to cover extra kilometers turned the route into a century ride.  It was about 3pm when we got back to our cars.  More than enough time in the sun to have me reaching for this.

KLIA 2 Third Trip After Sun

Good thing the next ride is going to be at night!


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I left Malaysia in 2008 as a non-cyclist. I am back home now with three road bikes and all the paraphernalia that goes with being addicted to cycling.

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