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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Part Two

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“Hill Chasers” was the second installment of Van’s Rumble Cycle Challenge.  We met at the VUBC shop at 7.30am to sign waiver forms and size up the competition.  After a safety briefing we headed off for our first look at the track.

Rumble Hill Chasers Briefing

Amril and his band of organisers had found a closed stretch of freshly-paved road not far from the VUBC shop.  All we had to do was clear away some loose stones and other rubble.  It wasn’t long before we could lay down a finish line and start racing.

Rumble Hill Chasers Course 2

We were in teams of two or three riders.  Each team’s result was determined by the time of the second rider across the finish line.  We had so much fun charging up the hill that we decided to ride the hill twice and take the average time to determine the winning team.

Rumble Hill Chasers at the Finish Line

Here we all are after our two runs.

Photo courtesy of Van's Urban Bicycle Co.

Photo courtesy of Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.

Then it was back to the VUBC shop where Ray worked out the final results.

Rumble Hill Chasers Results Calculation

Leong and his brother were a team of two, but they had enough firepower between the two of them to win overall honours.  On a mountain bike and a foldie no less.  Here are the happy winners with the event organisers:  Ray, YC, Vanessa and Amril on the right.

Photo courtesy on Van's Urban Bicycle Co.

Photo courtesy on Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.

There was also a prize for the fastest individual.  That went to a roadie.

Photo courtesy on Van's Urban Bicycle Co.

Photo courtesy on Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.

We are all now looking forward Rumble Cycle Challenge Part Three.  The Scavenger Hunt on 16th June.

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