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Local Weather Alert: Snow at Times.

Winter has truly arrived in the Netherlands.  There is snow in the forecast for Den Haag.

I can’t say I miss getting dressed for winter weather.

-3C 26F on the thermometer Felt like -8C 17F in th

I do miss the winter scenery though.  These frosty fields are near Delft.

Delft Distant View

This was near the Kyocera soccer stadium.  Home of ADO Den Haag.

Frosty today

On one weekend the ice on the Rottermeren was thick enough for people to skate.

Rottemeren Skating 03

The ducks could skate on the canals for longer.

It was colder today than it was yesterday 4C at be

I had wet feet over the weekend from riding in the rain.  I’ll take that over cold feet any day of the week.