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Taiwan Ti Bike Pickup Trip: Day 4

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Wednesday was a wet day.  Not a day for riding a bike.  But a good day to be in the Nangang Exhibition Centre for the Taipei International Cycle Show.


The show featured 1,150 exhibitors displaying their newest products spread over 65,000 square meters on floors 1, 4 and 5 of the Exhibition Centre.

Day 4 Show Bicycleretailer com

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Wednesday was the first day of the show, reserved for trade visitors.  We all had International Visitor passes, courtesy of Pegasus Cycles.

Day 4 Pegasus

It was impossible to give attention to every booth.  There was too much to see in the space of one morning.

It was a working visit for CK, Daniel and Sulaiman from Pegasus Cycles.  As it was for Ben and Douglas from Specialized Concept Store Bangsar.  They were at the show to visit their suppliers and to look out for possible new products to sell.

In the case of the guys from Pegasus, this included visiting Alessandro Basso of Basso Bikes, and the representatives from Hawkvi and Ridea.

By lunchtime, the rest of us were done window shopping.  Some of us had even convinced exhibitors to sell some of their products to us.  Which strictly speaking, they weren’t supposed to do.

We had worked up an appetite.  Lunch was at the oddly-named Addiction Aquatic Development, which is located in Taipei’s Fish Market.  It is a seafood wholesaler which caters to the general public as well.

Day 4 AAD 2

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There is fresh seafood.


And a variety of prepared or cooked items.

Day 4 AAD 1

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We had a feast.




That meal marked the end of our group activities.  That afternoon some left Taipei for other points in Taiwan.  The exodus back to Kuala Lumpur started the next day.


I’m happy to report that all the Dodsun Ti bikes arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur.


Heartfelt thanks to Pai and Xiao Ger for the planning and logistics and to all the R@SKLs and others whose excellent company and good humour made this such an enjoyable trip.

I’m sure we will be back for more.

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