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My biker chick and I spent the weekend in Tokyo.  She planned everything, including getting us a flat in Sendagaya via airbnb that was around the corner from the Rapha Cycle Club Tokyo.

That was the first stop for us.

Rapha 01

Rapha 02

We needed lunch, and the café obliged.

Rapha 08

Having refuelled, it was time to go downstairs into the store.  An Aladdin’s cave for Rapha fans.

Rapha 04

Rapha 03

I picked up just a few items for my Flipside friends and for myself, and a model of la voiture-balai  for my biker chick.

Rapha 05

After loading up at the Rapha store, we headed north to explore the Shinjuku and Harajuku districts.  Less than 300 meters from the apartment is Crown Gears.


Crown Gears 01

Stuffed to the gills with very nice stuff.

Crown Gears 02

Crown Gears 03

The next day we headed west towards Minami Aoyama to find the flagship Hakuhodo store.  My biker chick had her list of ‘must see’ places too.

On the way we passed Athlonia.  A specialist triathlon shop established by a professional triathlete.

Athlonia 04

Athlonia 01

Photograph courtesy of Athlonia

It is not just the bike shops that make Tokyo a cycling city.  Bicycles are everywhere.

Bikes 02 Bikes 01

Bikes 03

We even ran across a childrens’ cycling event in the area around the national Olympic stadium.

Bikes 04

I am bringing my bike the next time I visit Japan.

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I left Malaysia in 2008 as a non-cyclist. I am back home now with three road bikes and all the paraphernalia that goes with being addicted to cycling.

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